WATCH: This Gozitan Priest Rolled Up In A Convertible Porsche Pulled By A Line Of Children To His Inauguration

The priest had just been anointed archpriest of Żebbuġ, Gozo

Picture this: a priest, standing up in a convertible Porsche Boxter, being moved by children pulling on two ropes. Otherwise known as your average Sunday in Gozo.

OK, not really average, but you get what we mean. It's the kind of bizarre thing you only really expect to happen in Gozo.

Priest in a porsche

The video, taken by Carmel Saliba on Facebook, shows 47 year old Dun Ġwann Sultana from Xagħra arriving at the parish church of Żebbuġ, after being officially anointed the new archpriest.

But he doesn't just arrive; he rolls up. Very literally. Dun Ġwann can be seen standing up inside a convertible Porsche Boxter that is being pulled by roughly 50 children holding on to two ropes. At least they weren't harming the environment...

A video that had been making the rounds earlier, showed a moment where an actual umbrella was held over the Archpriest as it started drizzling.

Needless to say, people had opinions. So we won't bother you with ours, we'll just leave some here for some light morning literature.

Some people were, simply put, living for it...

Reaction 1

Others, no so much.

Reaction 4

There were a few Rihanna-themed umbrella jokes thrown in.

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Reaction 3

What do you think of Dun Ġwann's mode of transport?

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