WATCH: This Madonna Optical Illusion In St. Julian's Is Equal Parts Awesome And Unsettling

Ave Maria, she'll follow your every move with her gaze

Ave Maria Optical Illusion

Everyone loves a good mindfuck, especially when it's so confusing that you can barely understand why it's happening. We tend to come face to face with some of the best optical illusions in museums or dedicated Facebook groups, but one woman walking down the streets of Malta came face to face with an awesome optical illusion staring right at her... whichever way she looked at it.

While walking around St. Julian's, Instagram user Silawolf stumbled upon this quirky Ave Maria piece in Triq Sant Elija.

The colourful portrait of the Madonna seems to turn her head in whichever direction you move to. Thankfully, though, it’s just an illusion, and she's not silently judging your every move. Or is she?

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Written By

Chiara Micallef