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WATCH: This One Person Seems To Have A Bone To Pick With All Of Malta’s Bars

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If you want to get your drink on in Malta, there are plenty of places on the island that have got you covered. From family-run businesses to indie hot-spots, the choices are endless. And they’re all pretty good. Or at least that’s we thought.

But apparently, this one person isn’t too pleased with the drinking spots we have on offer, going on a review-rampage and giving every single bar on the island a one-star rating.

One Stars

Well, every single bar except one; The Drayton Pub and Bar in Paceville, which received a whopping 5-Star Review.

Five Stars

In just over 10 minutes, from behind the guise of two fake profiles, this person gave out 160 one-star reviews and two 5-star reviews

They must really fucking love The Drayton.

Either way, this person’s determination and commitment to the cause is admirable.

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