Ways To Avoid Joining Your Coworkers For 'After-Work Drinks'

For when running away before they've had time to ask you doesn't work.

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Working in an office has its pros (and it certainly has its cons). But one of the best things about working in an office is leaving on Friday, and not having to deal with people bullshit for a whole two days - how wonderful is that.

So tonight, as you're hoisting your bag onto your shoulder and getting ready to leave the office, try one of these if someone spouts the familiar "let's do something tonight!".

"Sorry I can't tonight..."

1. "... I'm staging a protest about the latest public outcry. You know the one. Yes, that one."

Sea slime, high rise, morning-after pill. Choose one and pretend you really care about it as an issue.


2. "... I saw that LIDL had a sale on avocados"

"And I really don't wanna go tomorrow morning mal-popolin." No one in their right mind is gonna get in the way of your guac.


3. "... I think someone in my family got Daphne'd and I need to be with them right now"

A fate (almost) worse than death. Who can fault you for wanting to be by the side of a family member in their last moments without internet infamy?


4. "... I promised my mother we'd take out the winter quilts tonight"

Well, it thundered for like five minutes yesterday, so I guess it's time!

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5. "... I forgot to set the recorder for tonight's Xarabank"

No one is going to come between a Maltese person and their weekly dose of people yelling at each other on TV.


6. "... I have tickets to a head-bob masterclass hosted by Chiara"

They'll try to come with, but of course such an exclusive event has been sold out for weeks!

7. "... I hired a birdsitter to keep Tweety in a cage under his arm and he charges overtime if I pick it up late"


8. "... my nanna hasn't asked me when I'm getting married in a month and I'm starting to get worried."

Really, playing the "visiting my nanna" card should trump any pleas. That being said, if you're gonna use this excuse - be a decent person and actually go visit your nanna!


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