7 Ways You Know You're Already Over Winter In Malta

How many days till summer?

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Okay, it hasn't snowed yet and that's quickly becoming the last reason you bought into this cold weather shit. You're so ready to move on.

Here's all the ways you know this for certain.

1. You're bored AF

If Sarah suggests one more board game you're going to murder her – in the salott, with that weird extra tile that we always have lying around our gas cylinder corner.

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2. You look fat – constantly

Screw this bullshit lack of central heating and having to wearing 16 layers whilst inside my house.

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3. You're irrationally angry

At anyone who's made you wait more than a nanosecond, because now you can't feel your fingers. 


4. You stink

Because despite how cold it is, you're somehow sweating under your 15 layers and your €5 Asos jumper can't handle it.

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5. You're lonely AF

Everyone around you has someone special to snuggle up to and you're doomed to be a smelly, fat, singleton forever. 

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6. The only thing that makes you happy, also makes you fat

Hot chocolate, warm chocolate brownies, watching Netflix until you actually become part of the sofa...

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7. You want to kill everyone on social media

Go on – post one more Malta's temperature vs. London temperature screenshot. I dare you. 

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Ann Dingli

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