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7 Ways Your Car Tries To Murder You During Malta’s Summer

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You can love the beach and you can love your tan, but literally no one is excited about the scorching temperatures that build up inside your car after a day at the beach. But it’s more than just discomfort, during the summer months your vehicle is out to get you. Here’s what to watch out for.

1. You’re baked alive from the moment you open the door

Every jacket potato, every roast chicken, you suddenly know its pain. As you sit and stew your mind wonders what you did to deserve sweating through your outfit before you’ve even started your engine.


2. You’re blinded by the reflective side of your sun visor

Good luck driving after your one protection from the sun’s rays directs them straight into your eyes, blinding you just as you’re about to start your journey.

3. Your AC tries to choke you as it pumps out air directly from the Sahara

It even comes with the added aroma of dust and għeluq.

4. Your seat-belt could be used for the ‘hot-knife challenge’

Miss the plastic handle by a a millimeter and your risk losing a finger to the heated metal.

5. You break all speed limits to try flood the car with fresh air

Sure, this one is more on you than the car, but if you’re not going above 60km/h there’s gonna be nothing but stale hot air trapped in your car forever.

6. Your skin grafts onto the steering wheel

Get ready to lose at least 3 layers of skin if you try to brave the steering wheel unprotected. Towels, gloves and even socks worn as mittens could mean the difference between being moderately uncomfortable and never holding something in your hands again.

7. And to avoid the hand-burn you try tap the steering wheel in the right direction and hope for the best

It’s a (very dangerous) game of: how long can I go without touching the wheel?

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