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7 Weird Gifts Your Maltese Friends Will Love

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Buying gifts for friends can be hard. You want it to be memorable, useful, funny, or pretty – but the best gifts are the ones that tick all those boxes. Here’s a list of potential gift ideas that’ll win you some serious brownie points (and can all be purchased from the comfort of your sofa).

1. The Wine Guzzler

If you’ve lived in Malta for a while (and by that we mean more than a day), you’re well aware of the fact that meals are synonymous with a glass (or seven) of wine. Drinking to celebrate or drinking to forget, there’s no denying our love for fermented grapes. So why hassle with individual glasses when you can just pop this bad boy onto the top of your bottle and drink wine the way it was intended to be drunk?


2. A furry beer holder

Wrap that Cisk in all of Chewbacca’s glory – and if the recipient doesn’t get Star Wars references, just explain to them that it reminded you of the Maltese and their high follicle density (better known as #XebaSuf). 

Furry Beer

3. Fake snowballs

It’s a bit of a backhanded ‘you’re never gonna get snow anyway’ kinda gift, but if they’re good friends they’ll appreciate that you’re just trying to share the joy you might have had growing up as a kid. Plus, we’ll take any excuse to chuck something at our loved ones.

Fake Snowball Fight

4. A replacement for all those balcony Santas

Honestly, this one is more of a gift to yourself. Nobody wants to see those things hanging about anymore.

And if you’re worried that the police merman isn’t the one for your pals, don’t. They also have the sherif merman, pirate merman and martini merman.


5. A Game of Thrones dragon egg cookie holder

It’s a massive store for food and an opportunity to constantly and subtly mention how it was filmed here? Sounds perfect.

Dragon Egg

6. A giant coffee cup

Have you noticed that we’re kinda coffee-obsessed in Malta? Well, if you can’t beat them… encourage them!


7. An EZ-cracker

And if you don’t understand why your friend will love it so – you need to watch this clip.

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