Well, That's One Way Of Getting Stuff Onto The Top Floor In Malta

Never underestimate Maltese manpower


Maltese people often times have a unique way of doing things, but one household near Xgħajra may have just discovered a new way of lifting heavy objects to the top floor.

All you need is a rope, a broom, and like, two other adventurous men. 

Also, prayers. Prayers would really come in handy, especially seeing how thin the rope looks.

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The image, sent to Lovin Malta by George Grech, was taken by a German woman who was taking a nice hike along the south of Malta.

"A friend of mine from Germany was on a walk in Malta when she saw this happening, and she asked me if somehow this summarises the experience here in Malta. I couldn't help but shake my head, and somehow cry inside a little, but I'm laughing now," he said.

Shaking your head, crying, and laughing - that's probably the best way to react to the sight of these men lifting a heavy object four stories using a rope and a broom.

Do you think this picture summarises Malta?

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Johnathan Cilia

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