What Maltese People Say On Work Emails VS What They Really Mean

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When you're new to a job it can sometimes take a while to adjust to a different atmosphere. But no matter where you work, you'll find that certain phrases in emails keep the same subliminal meanings. Here are 12 messages you've definitely received (or sent) and the true meaning behind the words.

1. 'Skużani ħa ndejqek imma...'

Translation: I'm not sorry at all; it's your fucking job, just do it.

2. 'I'm hereby attaching my reply within for your perusal'

Translation: English isn't my first language but I googled some 'email words' so you won't notice that

3. 'Kemm nara li rċevejt l-email li bagħatlek'

Translation: I know you're ignoring me, asshole.

4. 'It would be great if you could join us and RSVP at your convenience'

Translation: I’m gonna call you every five minutes for the next week until you confirm.

5. 'Ħadt gost li rajtek it-tieġ ta' Mark'

Translation: We both know we were drunk off our faces, let's both never speak of it again.

6. 'So sorry for the delay, I just found your email in spam'

Translation: I've been ignoring you, but now I have to be nice before running into you at Bettina's wedding this weekend.

7. 'Skużani, imma għadni kemm rajt l-email li bgħattli issa stess'

Translation: I didn't feel like answering till just now.

8. 'Kemm niċċekjalek malajr, u nerġa' nibgħatlek'

Translation: You're never hearing from me again.

9. 'Mhux problema'

Translation: Problema kbira

10. 'Għandek raġun'

Translation: Fine, this one is yours. I'll get you next time.

11. As discussed in the previous email...

Translation: Terġax. I won’t let you get away with this one again.

12. 'Naf li bħalissa għandek ħafna x'tagħmel...'

Translation: I know you think you're too good for me.

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