Why Is Joseph Muscat Covering This Guy's Ass?

Forget themed nail polish, t-shirts and wallets

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Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has certainly got a dedicated fan base, and we've known this for a while now. With Labour's historic second landslide victory in the 2017 General Election still fresh in many people's minds and hearts, it doesn't seem like the JM love is subsiding any time soon. 

We've seen wallets, t-shirts and flags with the Prime Minister's face all over the country, but now, we might've finally found his biggest fan ever. Say hello to this... beauty?

Talk about dedication. Although, to be very fair, the whole thing looks like equal parts respect and involuntary satire. Is it more "għajnejk f'sormi" or "you've got my back"?

Tag a friend who'd definitely be able to pull these off!

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David Grech Urpani

Sarcastically ironic, Dave is a recovering hipster musician with a penchant for chicken, women's clothes and Kanye.