Why Star Wars Is A Lot More Maltese Than You Think

An island of Ewoks

You 1

There's only two things that are certain in this life - death, and a new Star Wars movie every couple of years. 

The latest addition to the family is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which has received rave reviews since its launch last week. But just in case you haven't had time to pop down to the cinema this week, here's why we basically live in a galaxy far, far away.

1. We're a land of short, fuzzy, belligerent beings

But are still loved by all our neighbours


2. And even the tall ones are fuzzy and belligerent

There's no escaping the madness.


3. Our grammar is a bit broken

But get our point across, we do. 


4. We're all about believing in a higher power

And and are very well versed in the whole "May the Force be with you", "And also with you" back and forth.

Obi Wan Kenobi 6D775533

5. And The Force aligns perfectly with our lifestyle

An excuse to be even lazier than before by being able to telepathically bring things to yourself? Yes please.

The Force

6. We all have a Jabba the Hutt on our street

You know the one, with the permanently upset face.


7. And while kissing siblings might be gross, cousins on the other hand...

At least Luke and Leia can play the 'I had no idea we were related' card.

Kiss Leia

BONUS: We manage to piss off even our biggest fans

Jar Jar

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