Why Xandru Grech Will Forever Be Malta’s Favourite Sex Symbol

That smoulder

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Some of our younger readers may not have heard of Xandru, but if you're here it's probably because you're ready to take a serious trip down memory lane and remind yourself of your OG Maltese celeb crush: Xandru.

Here's ten snaps to remind you he's still got it.

1. He looks like a Disney prince 

We would gladly have him feature in a local remake of Snow White.

2. He's a Fitness Guru

He runs his own fitness centre, he won an Athlete of the Year Award and he makes a good motivational speaker too.

3. He's Suave 


4. He can pull of a Caveman costume 

He's got a big bone, and he's not afraid to use it. 

5. The Epitome of a Maltese Man 

His look is just right when it comes to Maltese beauty.

6. He's Multi-talented 

He's also an actor. How can we not love him?

7. His smile

Xandru stop. We're melting.

8. He's a Champion

Of our hearts. 

9. He's still got it

This wonder can pull off anything. 

10. He will always be Malta's sweetheart

And we're very happy about that.

We love you Xandru!

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Written By

Chiara Micallef