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Love Cats? There’s Now An Actual Social Network For People Like You, And It’s All Thanks To A Malta-Based Web Developer

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The world is a horribly bleak place filled with sorrow and tragedy. Hopefully for humanity, Happy Cats is here to save the day.

Hoang Pham, the founder of Happy Cats from Vietnam, and Hristo Petrov, who is currently based in Malta, came up with the idea of having a network for cats and people to try and keep everyone in this world sane.

“Even if you are depressed, visiting Happy Cats will make you feel better,” Hristo Petrov, co-founder of Happy Cats told Lovin Malta. The Facebook page has already gathered over 9 million likes, directing over 100 registrations onto the merely two-day-old website.

“In the future we are planning to create a Find Vets Near Me option for people who need veterinary assistance with their cats, so that both the cats and their humans can be happy,” Petrov said.

A video uploaded by Happy Cats… with over 25 million views to date

The concept first started out as a Facebook Page, but when Hristo Petrov, a web developer based in Malta, made friends with Pham, they decided to create a monopoly of amazing cat photos and videos for all the cat lovers around the world.

“I had a cat when I was younger,” Petrov told Lovin Malta. “She was the sweetest and most adorable thing ever. She was a very lazy cat too. When she died, it was devastating for me, but a few days after, I stumbled upon this lovely page, and that’s where I made friends with Hoang. He’s the real marketing muscle!”

Tag anyone who loses their shit over cats

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