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Malta’s Favourite Student App Was Used One Million Times, And They’re Celebrating With A Holiday Giveaway

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If you’re currently studying in Malta and haven’t already downloaded FreeHour, you’re seriously missing out. And as it turns out, you’re a part of an ever-diminishing minority. The startup app hit one million app opens this week, so of course they had to celebrate in style.

FreeHour is giving two €100 vouchers with Ryanair to two lucky students!

If that sounds like a great opportunity (hint: it really is), all you have to do is comment on FreeHour’s Facebook post below by tagging your travel buddy and a place you’d like to visit. Then, just make sure both of you follow FreeHour on Instagram.

As soon as you do that, you’ll be in with a chance of being the lucky pair who’ll soon be planning an impromptu getaway!

FreeHour is designed to solve one of the main dilemmas for university students; “What on earth to do with your free time?”. All you need to do is input your lecture timetable, choose your friends, and share away. You can even schedule reminders for your lectures on the go. FeeHour’s incoming update will also allow students to view when their friends start and finish their weekdays, making planning of lifts and meet-ups even easier.

The student has been absolutely killing it online, recently hitting 16,000 downloads. And in case you were wondering just how many people that is, it’s half the student population.

Closing off 2017 by topping the country’s download charts, FreeHour keeps going from strength to strength. And for anyone planning on using that to catapult their brand, we would recommend you hurry; they’ve only got a limited amount of advertising space left!

FreeHour is supported by LovinMalta and MITA and is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store

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Tag your travel buddy and get commenting on FreeHour’s Facebook post!

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