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LIVE BLOG: God I Hope Malta’s Got Talent

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A long shot, I know. But hey, here’s hoping that common sense holds out and we don’t pit two actual good acts against each other in the third semi-final tonight.

I say ‘common sense’ here. We all have a rough idea of the occurrence of said sense in these parts so I’ll let you connect the proverbial dots.

Tonight we join our four Malta’s Got Talent judges for (what I think is) the penultimate episode and third semi-final of the first season of Oh-My-God-Why-Is-There-A-Fireworks-Beatbox-Man-On-Stage.

After the er, choices, that were made last week, it’s down to tonight’s last batch of 10 semi-finalists, three of whom will join the six confirmed acts in the final, namely: Jomike and Lydon, Ike and Kaya, Matthias Camilleri, Concept of Movement, Ria Gauci, and Joseph “il-Kapxi” Mangion.

So who do you think will make the final cut? Will it be a kickass pole performance from Marissa Bose, some awesome pipes from Yulan Law, a totally-original-and-definitely-not-interestingly-inspired performance from Nicole Hammett, or stage-stopping moment from Inefable?

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