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So, Who Are The Nine Malta’s Got Talent Finalists?

The results are in, and Malta’s finalists for season one of Malta’s Got Talent have been chosen. Next Sunday, the nine finalists shall be facing off against one another to decide the winner – but who are our nine finalists exactly?

If you’ve not been keeping up to date with Malta’s latest talent show, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled the following list to get you up to date on just who each of the contestants are – and what sort of acts we can expect in the final.

Here are the nine final acts in no particular order.

1. Kaya and Ike

Starting off our list is Kaya and Ike. The two ten-year-old lovebirds have stolen our hearts and the show since they first stepped foot on stage. Yet, their adorable dynamic is not what has made them stay in the running so far.

Their singing and rapping dynamic are what has really proven that they are not just the cutest couple we’ve seen, but also strong competitors with the energy and strength they put into their performances. These little superstars may just steal the winning spot if they keep it up.

2. Concept of Movement

Since the beginning Concept of Movement have wowed both judges and audiences with their precision, skill, and discipline.

Their emotion-filled audition dance earned them the show’s second golden buzzer. Since then, Concept of Movement have continued to prove that they deserved that golden buzzer with their breathtakingly well-timed and beautiful performance in the second semi-final.

3. Il-Lapes

Rapper Il-Lapes has made many of us get up onto our feet and dance from the sheer energy that his performances provide. Even those who may not usually enjoy rap music find themselves unable to stop listening to the sick beats that Lapes spits alongside the smooth flow of his music.

Even though he is already considered a household name in Malta, he may be elevated to a whole new level with his entry into the finals.

4. Matthias Camilleri

It is a rare sight to see an actual graduate of the Circus University taking part in a show like this – at least in Malta. Yet, Matthias Camillieri has wowed (and scared) us with his Chinese-pole dancing. The sheer death-defying acts that he has brought to the show have been a dazzling sight to watch alongside his unique way of storytelling via his pole dancing.

The incredible skill, talent, and discipline that each of his acts have brought have undeniably given Camilleri a strong precedent to once more leave us all in awe in the final.

5. Joseph Mangion

Known as ‘il-Kapxi’ (or that fireworks guy) to many around the island, Joseph Mangion’s progress in reaching the final has garnered a great amount of attention – both from those entertained and aghast by his performance.

No matter what your views on how talents someone going xumm… pumm is in a competition with so many diverse and skilled acts, it is undeniable that Mangion has surprised us all and captured the hearts of many. This beatboxing fireworks impressionist is someone to keep your eye on in the final.

6. Kinetic Dance Academy

One of three dance acts in the final, Kinetic Dance Academy have brought amazing energy and powerful dance moves in each of their performances in Got Talent so far.

From the youngest member Emma (aged seven) to the oldest, whether they are performing rock or pop inspired dance numbers, each member of Kinetic is definitely a dancing force to be reckoned with. Whilst Concept of Movement can be attributed for the raw emotion that their performances evoke, Kinetic Dance Academy brings fiery power and energy to their performances.

7. Yulan Law

In each version of X-Factor or Got Talent, whether it is in Malta or elsewhere, there always tends to be young girls or boys with the most powerful and skilled voices – despite their age.

Yulan Law is Malta’s version of that. The ten-year-old vocal powerhouse has enchanted and moved the judges in all of her performances – from Demi Lovato’s Anyone to Sia’s Chandelier.

In the third semi-final, Law was the judges’ choice to pass on to the finals, with little surprise as to why. When it comes to the finals, Law will certainly add to the stiff competition that the finals are setting themselves up to be.

8. JoMike and Lydon Agius

Having scored a golden buzzer in their audition, the father-son duo has managed to bring a taste of Malta’s traditional side with their traditional Għana performances.

Besides the sweetness that such a pairing brings to any competition, the pair are able to genuinely bring a smile to everyone’s faces with each performance that they give – almost a reminder of spending time with one’s grandparents or looking through the heart of Malta’s more traditional villages.

9. Ria Gauci

Though she is one of the youngest contestants this year, dancer Ria Gauci is by no means unable to hold her own against the various talents that have also made it through to the final.

From the attitude to the professionalism and the technique, Gauci stands above her age – by far comparable to older dancers, with several fans noting her similarity to the skill and power that American Dancer Maddie Zieglar brought to our screens when she came into the public eye aged eight.

Who is your favourite to win? Let us know in the comments below!

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