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Malta’s Newest All-In-One Platform Is Helping Locals And Tourists Bag Some Of The Islands’ Hottest Offers

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December hits soon, and with it so many exciting things to do. Dinners, concerts, spa breaks, cultural events… Malta is buzzing and we want to be buzzing with it.

Except, we’re not quite sure what is happening where. There’s only so many Facebook events and promotions you can keep pretending you’re interested in before you forget all about them and end up missing all the notifications.

To add insult to injury, even when we’ve diarised an event like the amazing social butterflies that we are, we’re not quite sure about the what, when and who of the matter. Or even how much it costs and whether it’s going to be worth our while parting with the hard-earned dough.

At this stage, a personal assistant would be a useful thing to have. Someone who doesn’t miss a trick on the social circuit, and who will remind us that hey, this sounds rather cool and we wouldn’t want to miss it.


We’re going to go out on a limb here and assume that your budget is as miserable as ours and hiring a personal assistant is just not on the cards. This is not to say that we’re resigned to being the Cinderellas of our social circle. The best personal assistant is one that comes free and that requires no chasing.

Enter MaltaLocal, a rather marvellous invention of a digital platform that is tailored precisely for those social butterflies who need a bit of a helping hand in order to fly.

Put simply, MaltaLocal is the ultimate guide to everything that is happening around Malta and Gozo, putting its community of users in touch with their unique Malta experience.

But – it is also a lot more than that. Why be satisfied with endless listings when, instead, you can score hot deals and special offers on every single event taking place on the rock?

And when we say every single thing, we are not exaggerating. Looking for the restaurant that hosts the best romantic dinner? MaltaLocal will point you in the right direction.

Or are you after the next yummy vegan night? MaltaLocal also obliges. But maybe you’re keen on something a bit more spectacular, say… a couples’ massage or a day at the spa? Or even a chilled staycation, sipping bubbly and doing SFA with Bae? There you go.

And everything is handily sectioned into categories, so you can dive right in: things to do, food and drink and even… an entire section detailing everything Christmassy. And there’s a lot, trust us.

The digital platform is the perfect companion for anyone who is spending time on our islands – whether Maltese or not. Are you an expat still finding your way around the different groups and hangouts? MaltaLocal is a definite must, because it will put you straight in the middle of all the action of everything that you love best.

Scuba experience, harbour cruising, yacht charter, gym memberships… they’ve got it all. And no, this is not some expats social circle; everyone is welcome to enjoy these experiences. After all, us Maltese want in on the cool deals too, right fam?

Because yes, it actually gets better. So far, we’ve told you how to get what you want, when you want using MaltaLocal. The other big question is – how are you going to pay for it? By using the special rates that the site offers all users, of course.

Because, as part of this community of amazing human beings who really have thought of everything, you get to enjoy special deals that other clients don’t. How’s that for red carpet treatment?

The next big question: how can you join this community? Simple: register for free, start browsing and choose whatever strikes your fancy so you can book your unique Malta experience.

So get clicking to discover the latest Malta and Gozo must-do experiences. And if you are a company or business with something interesting to offer – whether it’s food, culture, clubbing, sport or whatever – you too can join the community. There are currently openings to include some new businesses and deals, so don’t be shy. Get in touch!

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