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Maltese Band Will Be Rocking Europe For The Third Time This Year

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Bands in Malta are loved. Music is a national treasure when it’s done good, and the local scene shows it.

Local band The Ranch will be going on another European tour, marking their third this year, and sixth so far in their career.

They will be touring a number of European country over the span of five weeks which include Italy, Poland Lithuania and Latvia.

“It’s always exciting to embark on a new adventure, even though its our sixth tour. We always get to meet amazing people and end up in unexpected situations,” Patryk Cutajar, guitarist with The Ranch said.

These guys will also be performing at a not-so-secret secret forest gig while on tour. They will be performing in this cool forest along with other musicians they have encountered on their travels.

Maltese musicians will also be performing at the secret-ish gig in the Warsaw forest.

“Every tour we go on, we manage to get our name out there more and more, the gigs get bigger and the contacts too,” Patryk said.

The Ranch went on their first tour ever in 2016, where they visited Holland, the UK, Belgium, Poland and Lithuania.

“The reaction is always one of awe, be it in the gritty town of Swindon UK to more sophisticated jazz clubs in Krakow,” Patryk told Lovin Malta.

“We’re really stoked to be going out once again,” Patryk said.

The tour will take place from the 5th of October till the 10th of November, That means that the band will be performing 20 times in four different countries.

You can check out the colour-coded itinerary below.

Italy is marked in black, Poland in red and purple, Latvia in blue and Lithuania in green.

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Will you be catching The Ranch in any of these countries? Leave us a comment below

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