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Maltese Feeder Desperately Appeals For More People To Foster Pregnant Cats

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A Maltese woman who regularly feeds a colony of 10 cats near her home has realised the epidemic of pregnant cats all over the island needs addressing.

“The problem is so big we need a national strategy to curb the overpopulation of cats but in my opinion the people at the top does not seem to think it is so important,” she told Lovin Malta.

Her solution is one simple appeal: for more people to foster pregnant cats

She has just started helping a fellow feeder catch and neuter the colony she feeds as there are at least three heavily pregnant cats in that colony alone.

The problem is that if they are caught, they can’t be released, as it’s very hard to catch them again to spay afterwards. She unfortunately doesn’t have a place suitable for fostering but has found people have fostered cats she has found.

”I’m just a drop in this large ocean,” she continued. “I only do a fraction of what can be done compared to so many kind souls who give so much more”.

She also asked for Animal Welfare to rent out cages to help people fostering

Sometimes people have the space, but they lack cages. Cages are not cheap, so people might only buy one.

“For fostering, one needs a room that is not used very often,” the woman continued. “If the cat is friendly, a cage is not needed. Just a dry room with a basket bedding food water and litter. “

”We all have our lives and families,” she continued. “If we can do at least a little bit, it will be already a collective a lot.”

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