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Maltese Gamers Hold Your Horses Because The PlayStation 5 Is Totally Sold Out And Could Be For A While

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While there hasn’t been much to look forward to this year, we can all unanimously agree that the next generation of gaming consoles is something we’re all looking forward to.

But Maltese gamers might have to wait a while before they get their hands on a console…even if you were one of the first to preorder it.


Most major electronic retail stores in Malta have either sold out on pre-orders, don’t know when they will receive them or haven’t even placed pre-orders yet.

And if you have preordered, or plan to, don’t expect to collect a PlayStation 5 on the day it comes out, that is, 12th November.

That’s because Sony completely botched the preorder process which ended up in retailers opening up their preorder slots a day before they were meant to and causing a global rush for the gaming console, resulting in more pre-order requests than actual PS5s available. 

Moreover, some Maltese electronic stores aren’t stocking up on the PS5 so the only way you can get your hands on one is by pre-ordering it and with Sony behind on production (thanks COVID-19), it is going to be a while until anyone receives the next-gen console.

At this rate, we’ll be lucky to see a PS5 on the island by Christmas.

However, given the way this year has gone, we are pretty used to delays and disappointments and we’ll just have to wait until next year for better things and a new gaming console. 

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