Maltese Man Writes Hilarious Open Letter To Postman Who Keeps Squashing His Mail

So many people relate

Jon Cover

Squashed letters and crumpled LIDL booklets are a staple of every Maltese letterbox, but one man channeled his frustration into a more creative complaint. And judging by the thousands of likes it received people are loving it.

Posting a photo of a squashed letter from the bank, Salottier Jon Camilleri said, "I think my postman loves origami. Everyday he surprises me with a different shape. Today I had a BOV swan."


Despite stating his post wasn't a direct complaint about the issue, but rather a humorous comment on a problem most Maltese identify with, MaltaPost responded in the comments section, asking for a chance to speak to Jon and make things right.

We hope the incident is resolved ASAP, but we're also glad to finally have a mood-relieving way to look at a shitty situation.

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Chucky Bartolo

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