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13 Things That Made Maltese Millennials Excited To Go Back To School Every Year

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September means the return of multiple things; rain, our favourite TV series, warm food, and school. A lot of us have moved on from the school phase of our lives, unless we chose to return to the roots of our trauma and become teachers.

There are, however, some things we miss about being at school that made us excited to get started again every year and we kind of miss.

1. Buying a new backpack or pencil case

It’s not something we did every year, but any chance we got to upgrade our school bag was a chance to *** express ourselves ***. From ROXY and O’Neil, Converse snd Eastpak, to those side-book-bags that were eventually banned because they’re bad for our backs, we went through them all.

And of course, we needed a new pencil case every few years to accommodate our growing gel pen collection.

2. Destroying said backpack or pencil case

Whip out your liquid tipex and permanent markers,  it’s time to customise (read: destroy) the item that your parents just spent a silly amount of money on. Lyrics, names of your celeb crushes, and signatures of your squad. Bonus points if you have cute or edgy badges and buttons.

3. Feeling like an American high school student by holding your books in your hand

Graduating from tiny copy books to multiple massive text books for each of your subjects and walking around the halls with a pile of books in your hand. Now all you need is to trip and drip your books so that the love of your life runs by to help you up.

4. Decorating your locker

After arguing over which locker you’re going to use for that scholastic year, its time to think about how you’re going to let every one which one is yours. For example, I opted for a photo of Harry Styles.

5. Comparing your additions to your Charity Band collection

Or your Tamagotchi progress, or your sticker collection, Pokemon cards, or you Nokia phone covers. And if you don’t know what Charity Bands are, you can stop reading this article right now.

6. Feeling superior because you had a Nike squeezey bottle in a unique colour

Everybody had the orange, red, and blue ones. But if you owned a lime green one? Well, congratulations on being the coolest person on the playground.

7. Passing notes between tables during class

Updating your class mates on your current opinions on your current teacher’s outfit and the fact that you’re thinking about eating popcorn after school while you watch a movie on Megashare is an essential task and you have to do it there and then. Not in 15 minutes when the bell rings.

Bonus points if you find a way to pass notes to somebody in a different class room.

8. Covering your books with your parents

Getting those edges perfectly straight with the clear plastic covering and then angling your label so its sits at exactly 90 degrees? Pure joy. It was also extra exciting when you got to cover a project book with brown paper and you could decorate it.


9. Scoobies were a thing

To be honest I just wanted to remind everyone that this was a thing. Carry on.

10. Discussing the latest episode of Charmed*

*Or whatever TV show you were watching on Living/Trouble that month. We didn’t have access to instant messaging, and even if we did it was only for a limited amount of time. So we’d have to catch up in person in the morning.

11. Colour-coding all your files

Assigning a colour to each subject, buying matching flat files and box files, and storing them according to the ROYGBIV order. The contents might be boring, but you can bet you were about to make them look as exciting  as possible.  And this includes wring  notes and using dividers of only that colour, too.

12. Getting a new haircut just in time for the first day of term

Showing off that fresh blow-dry and questionable fringe like you dont have a care in the world.

13. Sports day and soiree

Or World Matsh Day if that’s what got you going. These events always reminded us why we kind of enjoyed going to school, and if you could find a way to get involved with the planning you sometimes got to get out of class which was fun.

What did you enjoy about going back to school? Tell us in the comments below

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