6 Gozitan Voices That'll Knock Your Socks Off

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Pam Cover

We've said it before and we'll say it again, there is no shortage of talent in Malta. But what about those from across the tiniest of ponds on our sister island? Does Gozo's 25,000-strong population have some vocal talent too? The answer is an absolute, resounding yes.

1. Miriam Cauchi


Performing huge shows both locally and overseas, Miriam Cauchi is a Maltese soprano with incredible range and control. Her voice has echoed around sold-out halls in anywhere from Bulgaria, to Germany to the United States.

Here she is singing Si Mi Chiamano Mimi.

2. Francesca Sciberras 

Francesca Scib

Starting her singing career as Malta's Junior Eurovision Song Contest winner in 2009, Francesca has spent the last eight years maturing her talent, as you can see in her calm cover of Whitney's iconic I Will Always Love You.

3. Gabriella Azzopardi


Gabriella's got what it takes when it comes to musical talent. From backing vocals, to centre stage, it's not just her voice that carries her through. Gabriella is also the violinist for local band Novel.

4. Sarah Bonnici

Sarah 2

Photo: Marlon Polidano

This young singer doesn't let her age stand in the way of her talent. From Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza to Stag and Proms on the Sea, Sarah is always ready to take centre stage and sing her heart out.

5. Pamela Bezzina 


Photo: Tonio Schembri 

Pamela is a Gozitan superstar who juggles vocal training, directing a gospel choir and helping out Malta Eurovision Song Contest entrants (when she's not busy taking centre stage herself).

We've been a huge fan since her Play On days back in 2005, and we can't wait to see what her next big project will be. Here's her incredible cover of Let It Be, which is basically a lesson on how to perform gospel music.

Her starting notes and inflections are wonderful, but we thought we'd cut straight to the juicy part in the below clip, so: headphone warning.

6. The Travellers 

These Gozitan boys have been shaking up the local music scene for just over a year. But since we're discussing vocal talent here, no song shows this off better than their single Dak Li Int.

Thanks Mark Josef Rapa for the help with this list!

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