Songs The Maltese Have Made Their Own

We are a beautiful, beautiful nation

Nanna Cut My Hair

If there's one thing that gives the Maltese even more pleasure than eating pastizzi or complaining about traffic, it's adding Maltese lyrics to songs. And when we find ourselves among a group of people where everyone knows the amended lyrics (like at every single wedding or water polo match), we literally go ape-shit as chant together in pure glee. So here's a list of songs we've expropriated. We're sure you can add more to the list.

1. Zombie Nation - U x'ala żobbna min kulħadd mit-Tnejn sal-Ħadd

As if this club classic wasn't already Maltese enough, we immortalised it in the most Maltese way possible.

2. Madan - My Nanna Cut My Hair 

Skip to 0.37 seconds and replace the chorus with 'My nanna cut my hair, my nanna cut my hair, I told her don't you dare, my nanna cut my hair.'

Fun fact: France has its own version of this same song.

3. Zombie - Zobbi

We really can't hear the word zombie without thinking żobbi, the Maltese word for "my dick".

4. Felicita - Feliċita

Maltese people love this Al Bano's classic. But we still wanted our own twist. And it's peak Malta. 

5. Tarantella - Qaddisin Malta 

Not for the fainthearted. This is a tour de force of blasphemy. Sometimes Malta really delivers.

6. 500 Miles - Tal-Alla

Skip to 2.45, wrap your arms around somebody's shoulders, and sing: Tal-Alla, Tal-Alla etc etc

7. Bomba - Xommha

This is the original. And this is what should have been the original.

8. Strani Amori - Connie

Another Italian classic turned into a beautiful gem of a Maltese song.

9. Hotel California - Lukanda Kalifornja

This is just a beautiful reminder of what life was like in Malta back in the 1980s.

10. Hey Jude - Literally anything we want it to say

In this case, Sliema. Spot Sean Gravina.

Christmas BONUS: Last Christmas - Biex Tlaqtni Stenejt il-Milied

We don't understand this either.

Can you think of any more songs that we've made our own? List them in the comments below or on Facebook. Let's create a comprehensive list together. 

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Written By

Chris Peregin