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A Music Marathon! These Are Our Favourite Local Tracks To Hit The Maltese Islands In 2020

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This year hasn’t been the best for musicians who seldom got a chance to perform in front a crowd for reasons that don’t need explaining.

Despite the lack of live music, Maltese musicians still found ways to keep themselves busy, including tucking away into their home studios and conjuring up some tasteful tracks for all of just enjoy.

And there’s a lot of them.

The music scene is ready to flourish once again with an arsenal of tunes that we can’t wait to hear perform live.

From electro to pop and rap to rock, the Lovin Malta staff had an eclectic mix of local tunes that we couldn’t stop playing.

Here’s a breakdown of some of our favourite local tracks to come out of 2020 – in no specific order.

1. JOON – E.T.

One-woman-electronic-powerhouse JOON dropped this banger at the beginning of Malta’s lockdown this year. E.T. is the first single off her debut album and embodies all the quirkiness going on in the world right now with fun and catchy synth lines, supernatural lyrics and a DIY-resembling music video that gives it that extra-edgy touch.

It also made it as the soundtrack to the first ever Animal Cross fashion show.

2. Brikkuni – Fomm ir-Riħ

Heavyweight alternative band Brikkuni premiered the first music video from their latest album in May and Malta’s indie scene loved it.

The song, dedicated to the Maltese beach Fomm ir-Riħ, was actually shot in South Korea with local visual artist Franco Rizzo having shot and directed it all.


3. Djun – Ħdejk

While everyone was stuck indoors, some of Malta’s most creative minds came together to spread the good vibes.

Local alternative scene’s sweethearts Djun put together this barebones track and uploaded it online… but what followed was amazing.

Within 24 hours, Maltese singers, artists and even non-musical fans of Djun quickly joined the movement, sharing their different versions of the song and tagging the friends and fellow musicians they’d been missing.

4. Emma Muscat – Sangria

Not just one of the most popular songs of the year, but one of the most popular Maltese songs ever. Emma Muscat’s summer banger Sangria has over 15 million views on YouTube so far and it’s still just the beginning for the young starlet.

5. MTeam – 1991

MTeam is the biggest local music supergroup to burst onto the scene this year and it all started with this banger 1991.

1991 is nu-disco/funk COVID-19 inspired track that had us sunbathing on our rooftops while sipping on a pina colada… before the second wave of the virus hit.

6. Ant ft. Luke Chappell – Hopes

Locally-renowned DJ Ant released his latest track “Hopes” and it featured none other than X-Factor prodigy Luke Chappell.

Suited, booted and riding a vespa, the two young maestros probably released the coolest and catchiest summer house hit along with an accompanying, retro music video.

7. Mikaela – Chaotic Mind

Off the back of a killer debut album, local metal mistress Mikaela dropped Chaotic Minds along with a horror-inspired music video that is nothing short of pure metal.

The track has amassed over 75,000 views so far – a magnificent feat for any Maltese track let alone for a metal track.

8. Debrii – Home

DJ Debrii came in clutch to lift up our spirits with this electronic track titled Home.

Home is a collaboration between Debrii and Martina and Maria Cini and carries all the good vibes to see off the end of the year.

8. Eddie Fresco – What You Made Me

Maltese rapper Eddie Fresco had a monster year with one of the only tours to happen this summer.

In addition to getting the chance to perform live, Eddie Fresco also released some rich tracks including this banger, What You Made Me.

9. Carlo Gerada ft. Caro – Floor To The Ceiling

Carlo Gerada teaming up with Caro was the collaboration we didn’t know we needed but we’re sure glad we got it.

The nu-disco dance track comes with some big, beefy vibes exemplified by its beats and bars that are just straight fire throughout. It was destined to be a summer hit.

10. Chris Birdd – What’s The Use?

This year, Chris Birdd was on a mission. The rapper released a song every two weeks since the beginning of April including this track which has become his most popular release to date.

11. Haine – Burn It Down

On the verge of releasing their debut album, Maltese metal act Haine released one of the most brutal tracks of the year.

Burn It Down is just under six minutes of pure deathcore complete with breakdowns, guttural vocals and blastbeats to melt your face off.

And it got the ultimate stamp of approval after featuring on a livestream hosted by Shadow of Intent, a fellow deathcore act from America.

12. Luke Chappell – Lonely Again

Pop sweetheart Luke Chappell released a tear-jerking pop tune titled Lonely Again – the perfect soundtrack for sunset car rides or winding down with your close mates after another day in this new normal.

The track was released under Chappell’s new LA label, Bangers Only.

13. The Travellers – X’Inhu l-Milied Għalik?

The Travellers made our Christmas with this heartwarming, pop-inspired brass ballad single to remind us that the festive season is a time to settle differences with friends and family and come together in celebration.

14. Airport Impressions – Why Are We Here

Malta’s premier alt-rock act Airport Impressions released a banger of a track right at the beginning of the year.

Why Are We Here is the hypest of hype songs with a booming chorus primed for any major sports event. The song is also accompanied by a unique music video that features an American Football game carried out in the back of a junkyard with Malta’s only team – Phoenix Malta –  sizing up against some mean-looking bikers… tune in to find out who wins.

15. Siconix – Karnivajrus

Adrian Zammit has captured Malta’s attention, so much so, that the Marsa influencer was sampled on one of producer Siconix’s tracks and turned it into a bass house banger.

16. Brikkuni – Jum il​-​Missier

Brikkuni make it back on our list with this special song dedicated to Father’s Day.

17. Lex ft. Eddie Fresco – For My Crew

One of Malta’s top DJs teamed up with Eddie Fresco for this collab – For My Crew – and we hope it won’t be the last.

Fresco ventures into the world of dance music for the first time in his young career and who better to guide him then the reputable Lex who never fails to churn out a crisp, quality track.

18. Red Electrick ft. Luke Chappell – Christmas Time With You

“Christmas Time With You” encapsulated everything the festive season should be about – spending time with your loved ones, enjoying each other’s company and cherishing the little moments that make this time of the year special.

The pop-rock tune features both Chappell and Red Electrick frontman Joe Roscoe harmonising over heartwarming lyrics while the rest of the band accompanies including a welcomed violinist who adds that festive touch to the track.

The track is accompanied by a music video featuring all the band members, and their furry friends, enjoying some Christmas cheer at home with their loved ones with cutaways of them recording and producing the track.

What was your most favourite song in 2020?

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