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Believe The Hype: The Lovin Malta Music Awards Are Landing This October And It’s Going To Be BIG

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From the mainstream to the underground, there’s never a dull day in Malta’s music scene. Over the past couple of years, we’ve listened to some awesome album releases, saw the rise of some promising musical acts and even celebrated some of our finest talent making it overseas.

With so much going on, we at Lovin Malta have decided to launch a special awards show celebrating all those who made their mark on the island’s music scene.

The first Lovin Malta Music Awards show will officially be unleashed on the 19th of October

Yep; this is a special one ladies and gentlemen!

The LMMAs are an opportunity for you to support all those local artists who have touched you with their music and deserve to be recognised for the blood, sweat and tears they pour into their craft. We’re talking DJs, musicians, solo acts, collaborations, best releases, newcomers and so much more.

Missing from the island’s events schedule for most of this last decade, a proper music awards show recognising Malta’s amazing homegrown talent is something we feel is essential on a small island like ours… and we’re making sure to bring you a night that will go down in local musical history. And hey; we don’t even need Kanye-Taylor drama to do so.

The evening will feature some of Malta’s best musical talents, both on stage and in attendance. And the best part is, you can be there too! 

We’re really going all out with this one, and are planning a show worthy of all the great musical talent Malta’s got to offer.

To make sure we deliver the best possible show, we’ve teamed up with Ovation, the awesome people behind some of the island’s biggest productions.

These guys have helped bring mega projects like Sette alive and have produced, organised and hosted a list of the largest conferences, album launches and music festivals all around the island.

Much like Lovin Malta’s Social Media Awards earlier this year, we’re leaving it up to you to submit and vote on who you think should be crowned Malta’s best

2019 was off to an awesome start with the debut of the SMAs, where we gave out awards to some of the island’s biggest movers and shakers on social media, from fashion designers and make-up artists to inspiring people and influencers (yes, we said the I Word).

And who got to choose the winners? You guys and your votes, of course… and over 100,000 of them at that!

Now, we’re recruiting your help again, this time to crown Malta’s coolest artists, best musicians, catchiest tunes, most jaw-dropping music videos and the vital newcomers everyone needs to be on the lookout for.

You know what that means right? Start compiling a list of your favourite artists from Malta, and keep an eye out for more information on how to nominate coming soon!

Everything will come together in one spectacular evening this October with a massive concert and awards ceremony

But you’re going to have to wait a bit for more info on that. We’ll be updating you as time goes by, but keep in mind that this is something you don’t want to miss.

In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates on the official LMMA website!

Tell us which Maltese artist deserves an award and tag someone who needs to check this out!

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