Beloved X Factor Finalist Luke Chappell To Return To Stage This Sunday Alongside Malta's Hip Hop Heirs

Brace yourselves; the KAM show is coming

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He might've not made it to the very last episode of X Factor Malta, but 15-year-old Luke Chappell won the hearts of thousands in the talent show's explosive first season. The youngest finalist with a heart and voice of gold, Chappell managed to amass an army of fan girls... who'll all be pleased to know he's returning to the stage by the end of this week.

Luke Chappell will be performing at Sliema's Cloudberry this Sunday, as part of a night dedicated to hip hop's future

As it turns out, the night is actually the listening party for the debut EP by Yannick from 215Collective, one of the most exciting names in the local hip hop scene (and a serial heartbreaker himself).

After all, Luke Chappell definitely isn't new to hip hop himself. A self-confessed fan of contemporary 'cloud rap' acts like XXXTentacion, the young singer-songwriter had performed a couple of genre favourites at Wicked Event's Winder Wonderland last December.

The reason behind the seemingly unlikely pairing also lies in the young rapper's EP opener, a collab between Yannick and Luke Chappell

A beautiful blend of Chappell's vocal chops and Yannick's chill vibes on this latest proejct, the track November 1st is a firm favourite among fans of both artists... and we're hoping this weekend is the perfect opportunity to watch it being performed live.

As for Yannick, Sunday's launch is yet another milestone to put under the 215 rapper's belt

Barely three months into 2019, the young artist has had an unstoppable run.

In the month since its release, KAM has hit over 30,000 streams on Spotify, being saved to more than 150 playlists worldwide. Back home, tracks like Can U Feel It? are constantly played on the radio, even making it to the charts.

Just last week, Yannick featured on a CHEF banger, and he's got a headlining slot at this year's Rock The South festival to look forward to with his fellow rappers from 215Collective.

Speaking of the hip hop trio, Eddie Fresco and Caro (along with long-time collaborator-DJ I.YOU) will also be joining Yannick on stage this Sunday for a couple of tracks which will surely get the crowd going.

In other words, a great night for fans of the local hip hop scene... and young heartbreaker Luke Chappell, of course.

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