Brothers' Intimate New Show Reminds Us Why We Love Maltese Food

Ravioli never sounded so good

A new take on Maltese/Mediterranean food promises to mix some of your favourite dishes with some soul-soothing music. Food is Love is a new web series hosted by the Valaitis Brothers that explores their traditional Maltese roots whilst they live abroad.

The musician brothers have decided to combine two of their passions in one show, proving that they can use a knife and grater just as well as they can use a guitar. Their first episode, which premiered yesterday, sees Daniel and Matthew recreate the Gozitan ftira in their London home, with a side of yummy hummus. 

The brothers switch between grating potatoes and serenading the viewers with their warm music, before bringing out an even warmer Gozitan ftira straight from the oven.

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The charming softness of the web series offer viewers a different type of cooking show, one less focused on exact recipes and more on sending out positive vibrations to the world. That said, they've uploaded the full recipes to their website for anyone to use. 

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With other food items like baked ravioli or even Kwarezimal ice-cream planned for the series, Food is Love is sure to entice uninformed foodies to the glorious foods that can be found in and around Malta - and might even introduce some foodies to their new favourite band.

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Do you think food and music go hand-in-hand? Let us know in the comments below.

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