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Check Out These New Maltese Tracks We’ve Missed Over The Past Few Months

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It’s been a long year and an even longer time since we did a music round-up (or so it seems). Despite the whole world coming to a standstill, Maltese musicians have been hard at work in their home studios coming up with some amazing tracks to keep us entertained.

With a COVID-19 vaccine around the corner, things are starting to look positive again and there’s a good chance we’ll be able to listen to some of these bangers live sometime next year.

From house to pop and rap to rock, here are all the tracks released by Maltese artists over the past few months (in no specific order).

Debrii ft Martina and Maria Cini – Home

It’s a tough time to be an artist but local DJ Debrii is here to lift up your spirits with this track that just hits home.

“Home” is a collaboration between Debrii and Martina and Maria Cini and carries all the good vibes to see off the end of the year.

“The track hopes to send a message of courage to local creatives in the arts and entertainment scene,” he told Lovin Malta.

Oxygyn – Wicked White Lies

Indie-pop brother-sister act Oxygyn released their fifth track ever “Wicked White Lies” back in September featuring a thought-provoking and powerful music video that echoes the themes of the song.

Eddie Fresco – Not Cool Never Was

Maltese rapper Eddie Fresco has put visual to audio with a music video to accompany one of his latest tracks, “Never Cool Never Was”.

Fresco keeps short and sweet – you’re not cool and never was – along with shots of him flexing on his summer Czech Republic tour.

Kersten Graham – Sandy

Local Blues badass Kersten Graham had to step out of his comfort zone on his latest track Sandy, but the risk sure paid off.

The end result is an emotional ballad with crescendos and ends with a gliding guitar solo.

Bahjat – You Got That (Hometown Smile)

One of Malta’s most talented musical exports has released a new track “You Got That (Hometown Smile)” along with a music video.

Phasing between English and Arabic helps spread the music of the song, one ingrained in loving each other.

Ġenn – 23rd March

Brighton-based, trans-national, genre-blenders Ġenn have released a new single “23rd March” along with an announcement that they will be releasing a new EP “Liminal” next year.

“When I was writing this song’s lyrics, I was thinking about the current political situation with COVID-19, Brexit, BLM.”

“The chorus is written in the style of a Maltese expression. In Malta, when someone is seen as “evil”, there’s a tendency to say that you’re gonna pray for someone’s soul since this particular person needs your prayers to be saved. Very biblical,” said vocalist Leona Farrugia.

Michela Agius – All The Way

Michela Agius has released her third track “All The Way” accompanied by a feisty music video directed by Steven Levi Vella.

All The Way was written by Michela herself along with Matt Muxu Mercieca and Peter Borg. It also features arrangements by Aleandro Spiteri Monsigneur.

Luke Cieca – A Place We Were Good

Luke Cieca is a known name in the theatre scene but a fresh face in the world of music.

Though he’s been involved in music from a young age, the multi-instrumentalist has just taken the plunge and released his debut single “A Place We Were Good”.

“After working on my writing for years and years and never showing them to anyone, I decided to take a leap of faith and do something with my music,” he said.

The end product is what we have below and it speaks for itself.

Stefan Varga – Turn Around

Stefan Varga is a new name on the local music scene and has just released his debut track “Turn Around” along with a monochromatic music video featuring Chakib Zid.

“No matter how many obstacles life throws at you, keep on going and hold your head up high,” Stefan said about the song.

Stefan is working closely with local producer Toby Farrugia and vocal coach Gillian Attard.

Feds – twenty twenty

London-based Maltese musician Feds has released a bittersweet “thanks for nothing but it was something” letter to the year 2020 in the form of her latest track – twenty twenty.

The track is a pop-soul anthem about the rollercoaster of a year we’ve all had as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leonardo Barilaro – Life Is Short, Birds Are Flying

Malta-based independent pianist Leonardo Barilaro has leaned towards a different sound in 2020, merging different forms of piano and synths synonymous with the global pandemic.

The end result is a more electronic and ethereal sound.

Project Harmony – Rock Bottom

Project Harmony, a new and trendy acapella group, has released its second music video to accompany one of its covers, “Rock Bottom”.

Rock Bottom was originally sung by Hailee Steinfield but Project Harmony has found a way to add a fun and unique twist to the track.

Philip Vella – 60+

Winner of the 43rd edition of L-Għanja tal-Poplu Philip Vella has released an album “60+” comprising of 13 original songs sung in Maltese.

Of the 13 songs, 12 are complete with music and lyrics and one is an instrumental track.

“I had always hoped to release an album of personal songs, with a genre which I prefer, without falling into the prerequisite parameters set forth by song festivals, as were the songs in my previous albums.

“I had the chance to explore subject content which had languished in my mind and heart for a very long time, as well as genres which I am able to associate with myself, and thus make me feel more at ease,” he said.

Ascendor – Circle Of Violence

Gozitan metal band Ascendor has released its fourth studio album, Circle Of Violence.

The eight-track album sees the band shift towards its original roots in 80s thrash metal with each song focusing on specific monstrous beings from werewolves to vampires and zombies.

The title track focuses on the worst monster of all – mankind.

Berne – Stay

London-based pop duo Berne has released its debut climate change EP, Stay.

Berne expertly combine a distinct mix of abstract and often cerebral lyricism with emotive, vivid imagery, haunting harmonies and dark melodies. The result is an incredibly distinct sonic atmosphere, underpinned by a tenor of unity and collective responsibility towards the planet.

Janice Mangion – Sajjetta fil-Bnazzi

Janice Mangion has released her latest song Sajjetta fil-Bnazzi which she penned herself and with Mark Scicluna and Cyprian Cassar responsible for the composition and the production.

The message of this song is one which everyone may relate to, because life has a funny way of unfolding from calm seas on one day, to crushing waves the next.

“I wrote this song during these extremely difficult times, realising that certain things in life come about unexpectedly, without notice or warning.

“What this pandemic has shown us, is that we are all human, and not any different from each other, especially in the eyes of God,” she said.

Gilbert Gauci – Breathe

Maltese singer Gilbert Gauci has released a new track titled “Breathe”. Gauci teamed up with highly-renowned music producer Matteo Depares and Insync Collection for the production of the video.

Toby ft. Brandie Black – You Got This!

Maltese DJ and producer Toby Farrugia signed with German record label Tiger Records and quickly released this fresh future house groove featuring Brandie Black.

The music video was shot in Barcelona and features Maltese DJ Joseph Armani on remix duty.

Jessica Magro – Break The Silence

Drawing on her personal past experiences about being afraid to speak her mind, singer Jessica Magro has released a new track titled “Break The Silence.”

“My experience has taught me to always stand up for myself,” she told Lovin Malta.

“I wanted to create a song that shows that no one should be afraid to speak up and say their opinion about anything.”

Upper Lip – What Makes You Smile

Gozitan rock band Upper Lip has released a ballad called “What Makes You Smile” that prompts reflecting on our troublesome moments and encourages hope and courage.

The song highlights that a smile, coupled with positive emotions and memories, is a recipe that can help us overcome our daily struggles.

Lorenzo Scalici – Una Foglia Nel Vento

Italian songwriter Lorenzo Scalici ventured to Malta to record this song and video featuring some of the island’s most beautiful landscapes.

Did we miss a track? Let us know by sending us an email at [email protected]

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