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Embrace The Summer Heat With These New Fire Tracks Released By Maltese Musicians

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It’s hot, hot, hot and we’re not just talking about the weather. Malta’s music scene has been on fire this summer with some big artists releasing some even bigger hits and it’s time you gave them a listen…

1. Feds – Stay Cool

London-based Maltese singer and songwriter Feds has released the second single off her upcoming EP.

Stay Cool is a neo-soul and pop anthem for anyone who feels they might not fit the current trends and social media hypes in order to feel cool. Instead, the laidback and chilled track emphasises embracing one’s awkwardness and quirkiness.

2. Maxine – Skin Deep EP

Maxine has just released her show-stopping EP ‘Skin Deep’ featuring six tracks emblematic of her journey as a musician and artist.

Just last week, Maxine released an emotional and romantic music video for one of her tracks – Pull Me Closer.

Skin Deep was written by Maxine along with songwriter Matthew Muxu Mercieca and is a reflection of the grief the young musician has gone through over the past three years after losing her mother.

3. DiggerThings ft. Gianni – No Time This Time

Maltese rock band DiggerThings are back with a mighty collaboration on their latest single No Time This Time (N.T.T.T).

For this release, DiggerThings sought the help of Gianni – an avid Kiss fan and a well-known name in the local music scene. With David Cassar Torregiani taking the reins on the music and Gianni penning the lyrics himself, N.T.T.T packs a hard rock punch to the face.

4. Amber – Save Yourself The Time

Amber is riding the wave of success her last album experienced and has released a lyric video for the track Save Yourself The Time.

Save Yourself The Time talks about coming to terms with yourself and accepting the fact that a relationship is over. Instead of hanging on and worrying about it, save yourself the time and call it done.

The lyric video is made up of different doodles reflecting aspects of the lyrics.

5. Mazul – Love Of My Life

Maltese artist Chris Reiff, better known by his stage name Mazul, has released a new track under the world’s biggest hardstyle label, Scantraxx Prospexx. 

Love Of My Life is the fifth track to be released by the Maltese artist who plans to make Malta a hardstyle party destination in the future. 

“With the infrastructure, huge events and thousands of underground dance music fans, Malta could very well become a new summer destination for hardstyle parties,” he said.

6. Shirley – Why

Pop singer Shirley Cachia has released a song about falling in love and the uncertainties and a mixed bag of emotions that come along with it.

Why is the musical embodiment of our doubts and questions that occur when we fall in love and the message is portrayed in the song and music video which depicts a couple as their relationship begins to blossom.

7. Luke Chappell – Pull Me Down

Maltese artist Luke Chappell is venturing into the hip hop scene with his latest single, Pull Me Down, featuring Lilbo.

Earlier this summer, Chappell surpassed five million streams with his hit single, Lonely Again.

However, the young artist is venturing away from his emotional pop sound with his latest single, which takes on a more serious and heavy musical tone.

8. JOON – Whisper

JOON is back with a dreamy escapade titled Whisper.

Whisper features ethereal notes and hypnotic vocals that can send one into a trance. It is also accompanied by an artistic and engaging music video featuring plenty of symbolism, nuances and imagery to match the track’s dreamy vibe.

9. Mélusine ft. KAM – Patience

Mélusine is back with a feel-good summer RnB hit featuring KAM.

Patience features lyrics that shift between English and French, giving it a refreshing and unique touch. Mélusine impresses enough with her distinct voice but the addition of KAM adds a welcomed layer to the already-stacked track.

10. Milo Bank$ – Cellphone

Maltese rapper Milo Bank$ is taking us down an acid trip in his latest single Cellphone.

Cellphone is the third and last single off the rapper’s upcoming album. It’s a short and compact track diving into the mind of a young rapper eager to leave his mark on the scene.

11. Kurt x KEL – Not This Time

X-Factor Season One contestants Kurt Cassar and Kel Moncado Rizzo have teamed up for this banger, Not This Time.

A pop track that verges into the dubstep/techno territory, Not This Time appeals to both daytime radio and nightclubs with energetic build-ups and powerful choruses.

12. nosnow/noalps – Find Another Way

A long hiatus ended in a summer road trip for one of Malta’s most acclaimed alternative bands, nosnow/noalps, who have made their triumphant return with the release of a fresh indie disco summer track.

Find Another Way is the beginning of a new chapter for the eclectic four-piece who released the track followed by an announcement that a brand new EP is around the corner.

The single brings a refreshing and invigorating vibe to a summer season in desperate need of some alternative hits.

13. $hyli Rose – Like That 

After a half-decade hiatus as a single artist, Maltese rapper and OnlyFans star Shyli Rose is back with a new track titled Like That. 

The music video sees the 21-year-old flaunting her stuff in a basketball court, shooting some hoops while dropping bars about relationships, knowing your worth and not letting someone play you.

14. Ryan Paul & Rachel Lowell – You & I

Boy meets girl and creates a summer earworm. That’s the perfect way to describe Ryan Paul, Rachel Lowell and their collaboration, You & I.

The talented duo might have come together specifically for this project, but they boast a very different yet refined, individual musical background.

15. Dylan De Bono – Do You Feel It Kicking In?

Dylan De Bono is back with a hot pop-rock track about finding that special spark with someone on a night out. The bouncy track implores the use of synth and groovy basslines to drive the track forward and keep listeners on their feet and ready to dance.

16. Cher Camilleri – Nibni u Nħott

Maltese songwriter Cher Camilleri made her debut on the local music scene with a banger of a hit, Nibni u Nħott.
The ethereal and trancey track is sung entirely in Maltese and forms part of an EP set to be released later this year via Ultralow Music.

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