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End Of May Music! Check Out The Latest Tracks Released By Maltese Musicians This Month

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It has been a hectic month of government u-turns, including a potential shutdown on mass events this summer.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is still here…and it might be a while until Malta returns to some sense of normality – where we once again can see our favourite acts take centre stage and perform the tunes we’ve all come to love throughout these many months of lockdowns and musical droughts.

While we might not be able to fill the musical void in our soul just yet, we can let our ears feast on these brand new local tracks…

ManaTapu – Keep On Fighting

Don’t mistake ManTapu’s silence throughout the pandemic for a lack of inspiration, in fact it was quite the opposite. The band was busy writing new material in the studio, and now that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, they’re ready to release a new single dedicated to all the frontliners throughout the pandemic.

Keep On Fighting is about our day-to-day battles that bring out our inner warriors. Although the battle may never be over, humanity’s courage and resilience will keep us going.

Keep On Fighting is a reggae/ska tune written in three different languages, French, Spanish and English, as are most ManaTapu songs.

Djun – Għal Min Twieled, Għal Min Miet

Maltese pop group Djun has launched a music video for the song Għal Min Twieled, Għal Min Miet from their debut album, Il-Ħlas.

The video is directed and edited by Maxime Durand. The music video brings to a close Djun’s album cycle with the band also announcing its upcoming project, Kometi.

“Kometi” will be a four-song EP taking the band in a very different musical direction. Kometi will be released digital-first throughout the summer months. The song deals with the catharsis of accepting the fundamental unknowability of life and is both moody as well as uplifting.

The video’s narrative takes place in a charming miniature world but doesn’t shy away from grappling with the song’s theme.

Joon – Good Times

Like a true throwback track, Joon has released a retro-inspired music video of her latest single, Good Times.

Good Times takes us down a nostalgic trip to the days when we used to party all night long, but the music video takes us back further when turtlenecks and leather jackets were at the height of their popularity.

Ċikku l-Poplu – Prosit Ministru

After a year of bizarre news, and in the lead up to a rumoured election, Alex Vella Gregory released the track every Maltese folk needs at this time.

Filled to the brim with satirical jabs at online trolls, political haters and even a cheeky reference of yours truly, Prosit Ministru is guaranteed to make you chuckle no matter what your allegiances may be – red or blue.

Jolene Samhan ft. Micimago and Shaun – Place

Where It’s ATT – Pieces EP

Australian-Maltese brother duo act Where It’s ATT has released their Pieces EP featuring a brand new track, Need It More.

The independent EP features multiple artists such as Time Dee, signed with Universal Music Publishing, Lucas Marx from LA and Veste who is signed to WIA’s label, Word On The Street.

Skald – Kura

Skald has released yet another live recording of one of its tracks, Kura.

A song about pain, grief and betrayal. The track starts with guitars, bass and vocals before the rest of the band gradually joins in, adding to the rhythm and message of the emotional track.

Black Bluish – mhm

Local Maltese-American musician Black Bluish has released his latest track, mhm.

An unknown name in the scene, Black Bluish’s music draws heavily from contemporary trap music, with an emphasis on deep backbeats.

Paris To Berlin – Happy On Time

Maltese musical stalwarts Ivan Borg and Jay Zinga have joined forces to release a retro-inspired pop track from their newly formed fresh and funky supergroup, Paris to Istanbul.

Happy on Time began as an instrumental track inspired by retro soundwaves and featuring Ivan’s iconic and driving bass grooves meshed with Jay’s dreamy melancholic synth lines.

The only thing that was missing was an inspiring and catchy vocal hook, and that’s where Jay’s friend Bee came in to lend a helping hand.

Mark Spiteri Lucas – Lil Binti

Having earned his name as one of the most prolific composers in the country, Mark Spiteri Lucas was no stranger to the Muzika Muzika Festival and presented his song, Lil Binti.

The song left a significant impact on the local music scene, having entered the charts on Malta’s top 10. It was only fitting then that it was accompanied by a music video shot entirely at the Cavalieri Art Hotel in St Julians.

LYNDSAY – Ride Or Die

Lyndsay is letting the world know that she’s not someone you can mess with in her latest, pop-dance track, Ride or Die.

Ride or Die is the latest single to feature on her upcoming album, Dopamine, and features a devious music video that you just have to watch…

Eyes To Argus – Habitual

Eyes To Argus has released a music video to accompany its latest track, Habitual.

In keeping with the artistic theme first revealed with the release of the track last April, the music video for Habitual is equally mesmerising and pleasant to look at.

It helps that the eight-minute post-rock track is well-composed, with a melancholic start that gradually builds into an energetic climax.

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