Malta's Eurovision Divas And Their Long-Lost Doubles

Giving Aretha and Mariah a run for their money!


Malta is currently enjoying a brand new crop of super talented, super young singing sensations, and the islands are in for a very promising couple of years. But let's not forget the OG divas that inspired a generation!

As we gear up to back our teenage starlet on the Eurovision stage tonight, here are nine Maltese divas and their long-lost doubles.

1. Mary Spiteri - Barbra Streisand


The poise, the tone, the incredible voice coupled with perfect timing - it's all there. Add to that the ability to portray vulnerability and strength in a three-minute song and you've got the main reason this match is so perfect.

Song Mary Spiteri may as well have sung: Tell Him

2. Pamela Bezzina - Cher


Pamela is an incredible talent, and has vocal range for days - but she's also got an incredibly unique tone to her voice that, when she's not belting incredible notes, has a deep husk to it that's just perfect. (You're gonna want to skip to 3:07 on the video below).

Song Pamela may as well have sung: Piu Che Puoi

3. Claudia Faniello - Christina Aguilera


The voice, the presence, the growls... the voice. It's all there and it's a perfect match. She's got the brunette vibes from the 'fighter' era with the ballads from Burlesque.

Song Claudia may as well have sung: Bound To You

4. Debbie Scerri - Kate Bush


Looks aside, Debbie's songs have a melodic way of telling an interesting (if slightly confusing) story - a technique aced by the legendary Kate Bush.

Song Debbi Scerri may as well have sung: Cloudbusting

5. Morena - Cascada


Have yourself a hearty dose of Eurotrash... err Europop, my bad. Add to that a pair of knee-high boots and a song you're never getting out of your head for weeks and you have every Cascada song/video combination ever.

Song Morena may as well have sung: Everytime We Touch

6. Ira Losco - Mariah Carey


While not being entirely on par vocally (let's be real here, who's gonna touch those five octaves?) Ira's 2016 Eurovision performance saw her looking (and strutting) more and more like the Queen Diva herself.

The cleavage, the skyscraper heels and the bedazzled dress - she almost didn't need the high, rosy cheekbones to complete the look.

Song Ira may as well have sung: Fantasy

7. Destiny Chukunyere - Aretha Franklin


Although much younger than the other stars on this list, Destiny has already amassed an insane portfolio under her belt as she continues to catapult herself straight to the top.

She's already dominated the Junior Eurovision, wowed audiences at Britain's Got Talent, and will be taking the stage with Michela tonight to belt out some great backing vocals.

With a voice like that, there's absolutely no stopping her. Add to that her incredible stage presence and volumes of sassitude and you've got yourself an Aretha in the making!

Song Destiny may as well have sung: Natural Woman

8. Claudette Pace - Liza Minnelli


There's very little to add to this comparison - Desire could very easily have been a cover of one of Liza's classics. Just look at those dance moves combined with the phrasing of the lyrics!

Song Claudette may as well have sung: New York, New York

9. Chiara... no one

Seriously... Don't even try.

Which other Eurovision Diva's have a long-lost sister out there? Let us know in the comments!

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Chucky Bartolo

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