First Listen: Etnika Covers Everyone's Favourite Maltese Folk Song

A perfect blend of old and new

Lanċa Ġejja has never sounded more trippy but that's exactly what Etnika wanted to achieve when it decided to cover the Maltese classic. 

The song is the second single from the band's new album ‘Maddalena’s Marvellous Tripfolk Klabb’.

All sung in Maltese, the 11 tracks on the album, are based on aspects of traditional Maltese music including lyrics from the 1930s, a traditional għana song, folk rhymes and popular tunes. 

Etnika uses folk instruments like the tanbur, żummara, bijambo, żafżafa and flejguta which offset the guitars, retro-futuristic synths, unconventional percussion, deep groovy bass, raspy sax and haunting whispery flutes and vocals. 

The band will release the digital version of the album on Bandcamp on November 15th, a few weeks after it released its first single Maddalena. The CD will be launched with two intimate concerts in Sala San Duminku, Merchant street Valletta on the 3rd and 4th December 2016, when the album will be officially for sale. 

More details on the digital and CD launch on Facebook. Pre-order the album here.

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