Literally Everyone Is Invited To Be Part Of Malta's Biggest Orchestra

For one night only, you too can take the stage

As part of Malta's EU Presidency celebrations, our capital city will witness something a little different this May, just in time for the Europe Day celebrations. Portuguese cultural / artistic / educational outfit ondamarela will be coordinating a unique take on Beethoven's iconic Ode to Joy.

The twist? They'll also be bringing their citizens orchestra concept to Malta. And yes, citizens orchestra literally means that if you want to participate, even if you have no musical knowledge or experience, you too can be a part of the performance!

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Composer and conductor power-duo Tim Steiner and Ricardo Baptista have amassed years of experience in the citizen orchestra field. Starting with workshops from January through April, the big performance will take place at the Royal Theatre on the 14th of May.

If you'd like to keep updated on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we'd recommend staying tuned to the official Facebook page. The project's coordinator Ozzy Lino says he expects to fill the stage with at least 200 people. 

So get excited, sign up, and be part of something that'll go down in history.

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Interested in joining Malta's first Citizen Orchestra? You're still in time to apply here! 

Tag someone who will definitely be up for taking the stage this May!

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