Former Red Electrick Frontman Shares News Of First Solo Project

And it's not exactly what you'd expect

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One of Malta's favourite bands, Red Electrick, left fans devastated on Sunday when they announced that frontman Matthew James Borg was to step down and pursue another musical path. Meanwhile, busker-turned-hearthrob Joe Roscoe will continue the band's legacy. However, fans of the former REK frontman will be pleased to hear that new projects are already on the horizon.

"The first project I have embarked on this year is a collaboration with Mark Doneo and MAKA visuals," Matthew told his friends and fans on Facebook. He will be helping the crew of Malta's newest psychological ghost thriller The Weeping House of Qala by providing the musical arrangement and sound-design for the film's intense trailer.

"I am truly appreciative and humbled to have been given the opportunity," Matthew went on to say. "I am combining my passion for cinematography with writing and arranging music and for this, I am truly grateful."

When asked about whether his signature vocals will be featured in the film, Matthew simply smiled. "I can't go to that extent just yet," he told Lovin Malta. "No spoilers!"

This is only 2018's first solo project for the former Red Electrick frontman. "I will still release solo material," he told Lovin Malta. "I'm looking forward to collaborating with various artists, both local and foreign."

Matthew described his current state as "a coming soon vibe." "I want to take an approach where I don't force projects to happen," he told Lovin Malta. "It's just great when you meet a friend of a friend at someone else's garage, and then just jam for hours and come up with something just because it happened."

The Weeping House of Qala premieres at the Eden Cinemas for one night only on the 23rd of February.

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