From Eurovision To A Simon Cowell 'Star' In The Making - Who Is Destiny Chukunyere?

The 14-year-old girl whose voice has united a divided nation

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Last night millions of people were blown away by the raw, powerful vocal by Malta's youngest superstar, Destiny Chukunyere. She earned herself the coveted 'four yeses' from the Britain's Got Talent jury, but for those who knew her before, Destiny's rise to fame was no surprise.

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Even before the Junior Eurovision, the young diva was flaunting her talent across the island, with guest performances on several TV shows, including one of Malta's most popular Friday-night talk shows Xarabank.

She covered the big ballad Listen Beyonce, an artist she cites as one of her biggest inspirations. She was only 11 at the time.

But her first big break came in 2015, when she was chosen to represent Malta at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest being held in Sofia. It seems Aretha Franklin's Think (the same song she covered on Britain's Got Talent) is her good-luck charm as she also won the local competition it.

Fast forward a few months and Destiny's incredible performance of Not My Soul on the Junior Eurovision stage secured Malta's second win of the show. Her upbeat performance and stellar vocals earned her a total of 185 points, out-performing 16 other entries vying for the top spot.

But it's not all bubblegum pop and big belts for this talented singer. Last year she dropped Fast Life, showing her versatility as an artist and star in the making.

Since her win, Destiny has been performing across the island, but continues to focus on her studies and leave a little spare time to support campaigns promoting good causes. But this year she also took a huge leap and decided to put herself out there to make her dreams come true.

She ticked off one dream before she even starting singing on one of the world's most-watched talent shows - Destiny dreamed about the day she'd finally get to meet Simon Cowell. 

A few minutes later she had done so much more than meet him. Her incredible cover of Aretha Franklin's Think had brought him to his feet and earned her all four 'yeses'. Alesha Dickson called it a "knockout", David Walliams was blown away by her transformation from a shy 14-year-old to a true diva.

As Destiny's career continues to grow, more and more local celebrities are singing her praises. From actor Ben Camille (whose big-brother-little-sister friendship with Destiny is adorable) gushing about her talent to this incredible duet with internationally renown Joseph Calleja.

Malta's Eurovision sweetheart Ira Losco has also announced that she'll be releasing a new duet with Destiny later this year.

The future is bright for young Destiny, whose rousing performance comes at the perfect time for a country that is currently divided over one of the harshest election campaign's in the island's recent history.

But despite any political turmoil back home, one thing is certain - the entire nation is cheering Destiny Chukunyere on, and we all cannot wait to see her career take the whole world by storm.

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