Heartbroken On Valentine's Day? This Maltese Band Has Just Released An Album That's Perfect For You

Remembering the lovers you've lost and those you have yet to lose

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Brikkuni has finally released the new album Rub Al Khali, the first release since Trabokk a whole five years ago, and it's no coincidence that the release date chosen was Valentine's Day. 

"On the eve of Saint Valentine, we wanted to remind you of the lovers you've lost and those you have yet to lose," wrote frontman Mario Vella late last night, sharing the entire album for free on the music streaming site Bandcamp

As with other projects spearheaded by Mario Vella, the album takes a deeply personal tone. Over its roughly 40-minute duration, Rub Al Khali seem to constantly draw from past experiences that feel like they've not only caused emotional scars, but also inspired the creative process behind the album's eight tracks.

Closer to the official album launch concert on the 5th of May, Brikkuni will also have CDs and LPs available for sale. And while we're very grateful that the band has chosen to share months worth of hard work for free with us, we urge you to keep on the lookout for when those are up for sale and support the local music scene.

In the meantime, you can stream the entire album here:

Featured Photo by Storbju (Chris Vella)

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