'Kemm Nitpaxxa Bil-Barokk' And 7 Other Standout Lyrics From This New Song About Valletta

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Standing out from the crowd is important in the music industry, and one of the best ways to do that is with lyrics that get people thinking.

Releasing his song Valletta earlier this month, Malcolm Pisani has certainly given viewers a lot to chew on, visually, musically and lyrically. Today we'll be taking a look at some of the lines that had us curious to find out more.

1. "Kollox ġie rejali, kif imxejt Strada Rjali"

Was it the song itself that manifested into reality? His love for Baroque? Something deeper and far more sinister?! We'll never know...

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3. "Inti l-għira tal-barranin, li żgħaruk matul is-snin"

This one is confusing because now they're probably in love with Valletta, but back in the day it was a lot more about sieging and burning it to the ground than being jealous of it.

Nothing like a little bit of neo-nationalism to get a song going.

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3. "Dejjem emmint fina, l-ulied"

Poetic license aside, I'd love to know the logistics on this one.

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4. "Inti d-dinja, ċittadin"

What a cool way to say: "you are in fact, something existing on this planet".

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5. "Ma' l-ewwel ġebla ħabbejnik"

Bit clingy, don't you think? Still, shows commitment to the city, so that's applaudable.

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6. "Iddur fejn iddur, monument, kull min tara għaddej kuntent"

Evoking a sense of constant wonder, to the point where it feels like at every turn you'll get a bit of a jump scare at the radiant joy and culture flung your way.

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7. "Donnok għandek l-abbiltá, il-paċi fik [errr not sure]..."

We missed the last part, quite honestly, but we're big on peace so we knew this would be one of our favourite lines.

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8. "Kemm nitpaxxa bil-Barokk"

Honestly, this is the one that made us stop and listen to the rest of the words with a new perspective.

Growing up in Malta, this line is probably the most relatable lyric of all time (eat your heart out, Adele).

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Tag a friend li jitpaxxa bil-Barokk

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