Lauren Aquilina's Debut Album Has Dropped And It's Amazing

The Maltese singer who's about to rock the international music scene

Lauren Cover Album

We've previously gushed about the Maltese singing sensation Lauren Aquilina, and all the amazing things she's done in her career. But earlier this morning Lauren released her debut album Isn't it Strange... and we already know what we're gonna be listening to for weeks on end.

The ten-track album features some fan favourites including Ocean, which was the first music video released on her official Vevo channel, and Fools, the first single she ever released way back in September 2012. 

Having Fools on the album is a cute little nod at her long-time fans, and a recognition of the amazing journey she's been on.

Lauren Funny

Lauren remained her regular hilarious self as the nerves kicked in ahead of her album launch.

Fans will be thrilled to note that, in true Lauren Aquilina style, the album is as thought provoking and melancholic as ever - but obviously in the best way possible. 

Seriously, she's such an amazing song writer, and there's just something about her voice that tells the story exactly the way you wanted it to be told.

You can buy Lauren's album on iTunes now (like... right now you guys) or stream it on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play.

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