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LMA Performance Spotlight: Ira Losco, The Eurovision Sensation Who Stole The Nation’s Heart And Has Kept It Ever Since

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If Malta was to ever have a Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, then you know Ira Losco would be the first person inducted into it. Arguably the island’s biggest pop sensations ever, Ira Losco is more than just a great singer – she’s a national icon.

But what she’s achieved up until now wasn’t handed to her on a silver platter; it was earned through years of blood, sweat and tears.

At 38 years old, the pop-rock powerhouse has a lot more left in her tank, including some special surprises she’s just about ready to unveil at her upcoming performance at the Lovin Music Awards next weekend.

This is the story behind one of Malta’s most successful musicians ever, Ira Losco.


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Before the bright lights of X Factor, before the prestigious Eurovision stage, Ira Losco was simply ‘Ira from Tiara’, an alternative band formed in the 90s who got some considerable airtime and exposure on local TV stations.

Yes, before her super successful three-minute spell at the Eurovision finals, Ira was rocking in the alternative scene; sporting an Avril Lavigne look in her all-black outfit.

Yet this wouldn’t come as a surprise to OG Loscoheads (that’s not a thing, but it should be).

In fact, Ira’s musical career has been in a state of constant change; from punk to pop, to hip hop and rock. The only thing that hasn’t changed throughout her career is the love she’s received from her country…

… and it really began with this iconic Eurovision performance back in 2002.

Finishing in a historic second place, Ira’s performance of 7th Wonder at the Eurovision finals in Tallinn has gone down as easily one of Malta’s most successful Eurovision campaigns ever, and things would never be the same again for the young pop-rocker from Tiara who quickly became the talk of the town.

Following her rise to fame, Ira took to the studio to record her debut album Someone Else, which led her to sign with Seven Days Music after The White Stripes’ singer Jack White heard her album.

Ira’s career would continue to head in an upward trajectory, performing to crowds of up to 80,000 as she toured around Europe, releasing a barrage of number 1 albums, a string of number 1 singles and winning every award imaginable from Best Single to Image Icon.

But perhaps Ira’s greatest quality and contribution to the local music scene is her willingness to collaborate with local artists from all musical backgrounds in an attempt to showcase their talent via the platform she has built for herself.

Her collabs even went as far as a feature alongside Jason Derulo for an alternate version of Pepsi’s Fifa 2018 World Cup Anthem…

Ira Losco is not only a national sensation, she is an international superstar.

Her career has proved so influential that even US pop star Kelly Clarkson took inspiration from her, using Ira’s song ‘Uh Oh’ as the blueprint for her hit ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’.

Maintaining utmost dominance in Malta’s music scene since the beginning of the 21st century, it was only fitting that Ira Losco returned for Eurovision in 2016 to give Malta another real shot at claiming the title… and she did it with all guns blazing.

Ira had decided to perform Walk On Water for the show, but this time, it wasn’t only her voice that wowed the audience.

Ira rocked up to Eurovision wearing a racy Alex Zabotto-Bentley dress that sparkled and shone on the main stage… something that was feasible due to the increased budget from €200,000 to €1,500,000 just for her performance.

Not only that, but a special guest performed with her that night; her soon-to-be-born baby boy whom she hinted at with a signature Beyonce-esque belly rub, shocking and delighting the world at the same time.


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Despite a killer performance, Walk On Water wasn’t enough to land Ira a top spot, but that wouldn’t take away from the excitement and pride of becoming a mother, a definite highlight in her long and illustrious career…


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For most, the arrival of a newborn child would spell the end of a serious musical career… but Ira isn’t like most people.

Soon after the birth of her adorable baby boy, Ira hit the studio to record her biggest project to date – a 22 track double album entitled No Sinner No Saint. The album was released in 2018 to widespread acclaim, and featured already-classic hits such as Hey Now, Cannonball and OMG.

Apart from boasting some of her deepest and artsiest songs and music videos to date, Ira’s latest album also featured breakout artists who have already managed to make a name for themselves thanks to some big collaborations … including none other than Valletta rapper Owen Leuellen and the first X Factor Malta winner, Michela.

With a music career that has (so far) spanned over two decades, racking up six studio albums, multiple international appearances and several awards, Ira is undoubtedly one of Malta’s most successful musicians of all-time…

…which made it only fitting that she became one of the judges for Malta’s most sought after music show in recent memory…


Ira stepped up to be one of the judges on X Factor Malta where she preceded over the show and took the boys category all the way to the finals, where she performed her hit Hey Now with up-and-coming rap talent Owen Leuellen, once again showing her willingness to collaborate and propel other musicians’ careers into the limelight.

Ira shows no sign of slowing down and her perseverance and determination has landed her a record six nominations at the Lovin Music Awards: Best Music Video, Best Live Act, Best Pop Act, Best Collab, Best Solo Artist and Best Song.

She has even announced in a Facebook post that she’s got something super special planned for her performance at the LMAs…

Which makes her a serious contender for the Best Performance Of The Night award thanks to our telecom partners GO Music Wildcard.

Don’t miss out on Ira’s special performance at the LMAs and grab your tickets for the awards now by filling out the form below!

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