Malta's First Ever Jazz School Is Recruiting Some Of The Best Local Talent To Teach Aspiring Musicians

Testing the waters for the last three years, the school is finally set to take things up a notch

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If you've been meaning to finally get into saxophone, drums, piano, or any other instrument for some smooth jazz, you're in luck. The first ever jazz school has finally in Malta, and it's going to be run by some of the biggest names in the local scene.

Essentially a project which has been in the works for a couple of years, the Malta Jazz School originally started back in 2015 with a private saxophone tuition service. The lessons were offered by Carlo Muscat, one of the most prestigious names when it comes to the local jazz scene, particularly the saxophone. 

In fact, the school, Muscat's side-project, used to be called the Malta Saxophone School. Now, the institution has been rebranded to offer more lessons related to jazz, also including six other musicians and their respective instruments of preference. 

"Our mission is to bring this music into the lives of anyone with a particular curiosity and passion for the free, creative, and artistic qualities that define jazz," Muscat told Lovin Malta. "This is after all what makes it such an intense means of expression around the world."

The MJS currently offers seven different courses. You've got your standard jazz saxophone, guitar, piano (& harmony), drums (& percussions), and double bass (& bass guitar). But that's not all; the group is also offering lessons in jazz theory and composition, along with improvisation.

Apart from Carlo Muscat (who specialises in saxophone, improvisation and composition), the school also has six other tutors. There's guitarist Karl Galea, drummer Luke Briffa, bassist Diccon Cooper, electric bassist Anthony Saliba, and saxophonists Matt McKay and Mark Harrison. Plans to include even more musicians will also be announced in the coming days.

Of course, different people are bound to have different levels of interest in the school, which is why MJS are offering three different levels of tuition. 

There's the Dabbler option, which is a simple ten-session plan, a Serious plan which goes for double that, and a Pro plan which is a whole 40 sessions, each at an hour and a half long. Each plan is valid for 12 months, and the lessons are on a flexible schedule. They also offer domestic session in a variety of locations around Malta based on your choice of instrument and program.

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More information, check out the official MJS website.

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