Maltese Artist Crowdfunds To Help 'Release Music To Heal The World'

Amber wants to make a difference in people's lives


Therapeutic music may not Malta's most-listened-to genre, but one local artist is hoping to open our eyes to its benefits.

Amber Riya de Giorgio, a young, Maltese musician and singer, is on the cusp of releasing her debut album Reverence and is now crowdfunding the final stages of her big project.

"My music comes from deep within my being, it invites a gentle opening creating space for peace."

Travelling the globe to learn as much as she can, Amber has poured her soul into this project and is hoping to reach even wider audiences with her music.

"Hearing positive feedback [for my work] is deeply humbling," she explains. "But now I wish to share the gift of music to a wider audience and spread a ripple of peace to all who listen."

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Chucky Bartolo

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