Maltese-Australian One-Person-Band Tash Sultana Releases Her Long-Awaited Debut Album

She even got a nod from Rolling Stone!


Singer-songwriter Tash Sultana was already making waves back in June when her video for Salvation was released on YouTube, gaining around 1 million views in three months. Now, the busker-turned-star released her debut album Flow State.

The Maltese-Australian has been steadily gaining popularity in the international music scene with her fresh and alternative style. She has been referred to by Rolling Stone as a one person band who sings, writes and produces her songs. The site even dubbed the album as 'impressive'.

Sultana can play 20 instruments, but her mastery in guitar playing is possibly her signature talent.

"I placed the songs in Flow State in the same order I generally play them during a live show. The album starts with Seed which sort of plants the roots of the songs that are going to be heard next," Tash said during an interview.

The album was released through her own record label, Lonely Lands Records. Tash is notably the sole person responsible for the production of this album, meaning that she worked on everything from production to the playing of instruments, songwriting and vocals.

Flow State has already received some great positive feedback, including a 4/5 star review by Rolling Stone hailing it as "excellently all-over-the-place".

Yaaass. Queen.

Check out Tash Sultana's full album on YouTube right here!

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Chiara Micallef