Maltese Band Play 'Xemx' To Singing Crowd In Liverpool Pub

Helping to soothe Liverpool fans after today's loss against Swansea

Maltese band Bernie and Pod sang a heartfelt, and quite beautiful, rendition of the ever-so-popular Maltese ballad, Xemxin the Flat Iron pub on Anfield Road, Liverpool, UK.

The performance followed Liverpool's defeat today in their football match against Swansea. And with the Flat Iron located just minutes away from the stadium itself, tonnes of Liverpool supporters were present to let the soothing vibes of our favourite local song ease the pain of the loss. The final score of the match was 2-3 to Swansea, placing Liverpool third in the Premiere League table.

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The band were brought to Liverpool by L4 Guesthouse Liverpool Experience, organised by John Micallef Moreno. Their hearty cover was enjoyed by the sizeable crowd, who all sang along with gusto. 

Whilst we wish all Liverpool supporters commiserations, we'd like to give a huge thumbs up to this spirited band who brought one of our most beloved anthems to a remote pub in England.

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