Maltese Band Signed To Same Label As The Cardigans To Jet Off On North American Tour

Their new album is releasing tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled

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Maltese band Bark Bark Disco are set to take things into overdrive with their latest album. Their newest compilation, Holy Smokes, is releasing tomorrow on Minty Fresh Records, the same record label who released legendary Swedish band The Cardigans. As if that wasn't enough, they're pairing it with a tour like no other.

March is set to be a busy month for the Maltese trio, who will embark on a US tour promoting their fun DIY sounds around the states. Nine separate performances have been announced, ranging from California and Illinois to Wisconsin and Iowa. It's not the first time that the low-fi band ventured outside of the Mediterranean, but they've been regularly sharing photos of them excitedly getting ready for the upcoming tour.

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The eclectic Maltese pop project is primarily the brainchild of Ian Schranz, whose work with local giants The Beangrowers no doubt helped propel projects later projects like Bark Bark Disco and The Shh into instant fame within the local alternative scene. Also joining Schranz to take the songs to the next level are Daniel Cassar (from nosnownoalps and Dripht) and Rebecca Theuma (from Stolen Creep and Heartsbeatingintime).

Holy Smokes promises everything that so many people have come to love from the low-fi, DIY outfit. The first track from the album, Honey I Love You Now, released last May, was a whimsical number that quickly became one of the scene's summer anthems.

To add to Bark Bark Disco's quirky nature, their official website even has a section where people can learn the chords of their simple yet highly addictive tracks.

As for the US, the continent seems to already be bracing itself for the arrival of the Maltese trio. Bark Bark Disco have made it to the North American College & Community Chart (NACC) Top 200, where they're currently sitting at 178.

If you or anyone you know is going to be in the US in March, here's where and when you can catch Bark Bark Disco:

24.03.18 - Tonic Tavern, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

23.03.18 - Drunken Donut, Joliet, Illinois

21.03.18 - Gabe's, Iowa City, Iowa

21.03.18 - Day Trotter (11 am), Quad Cities, Iowa

20.03.18 - Racoon Motel, Quad Cities, Iowa

18.03.18 - Ivy Room, Berkeley, California

17.03.18 - Winter's Tavern, Pacifica, California

15.03.18 - Empty Bottle, Chicago, Illinois

13.03.18 - The Frequency, Madison, Wisconsin

In the meantime, Holy Smokes will release tomorrow on vinyl cassette and CD. A separate release on a South Korean label is planned for later this summer.

Photos by Elisa Von Brockdorff

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