Maltese DJs Are Taking Over One Of The Coolest Clubs In Berlin

One of the summer's sickest exports

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Two Maltese dance music promoters, Dazed & Confused Records and Inmatesare taking things to a whole new level with their first international event tomorrow. And it's not just any club they're choosing to debut this concept, but the super cool (and super popular) Kosmonaut in Berlin. Talk about kicking things off with a bang.

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Local DJs Black Onyx and Dean Demanuele have collaborated on the night, which will feature two top German DJS, Marin Landsky and Gunnar Stiller, taking the two stages by storm in the headlining slots. "These guys are doing exceptional stuff on an international platform," Dean explained in a video recently uploaded to Facebook.

Apart from the underground chart-topping German DJs, though, the night will be featuring some of the coolest names Malta's underground dance music scene has to offer, with The Usual Suspects, Acidulant, Wayne Works and F//ASCO all taking it in turns to bring the heat to the Berlin club. The lineup will also be featuring the Czech noisemaker Kim Pixa.

"We are expecting a full house as it's in the hub of Berlin and we've got a substantial amount of followers here," Dean Demanuele told Lovin Malta. "We're all really looking forward to this, and it should be super!"

If you're going to be in Berlin this weekend and want to check out the Dazed & Confused / Inmates collaboration, check out the Facebook event page for more info.

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