Maltese Hula Girl Lands Impromptu Gig At Glastonbury

That's one way to nail a festival


A young Maltese hula hooper found herself performing at Glastonbury this weekend after she was spotted by a talent scout while dancing at a bar.

Architecture student and hula-hoop pro Clare Brincat, 24, was hired on the spot by the people of Jarvis Cocker, lead singer of the band Pulp, who was due to perform a deejay set with fellow bandmate Steve Mackey and needed dancers to accompany them at Stonebridge Bar.

The gig was billed as one of "the weekend's best" by NME magazine.

Ms Brincat spoke to Lovin Malta about her surreal experience.

"I was hanging out in a backstage bar when I received some great news. I was so elated I grabbed my hoop and started going mad in front of the DJ. In seconds this girl came up to me and asked if I wanted to hoop for Jarvis. Potentially the quickest 'yes' I have ever given someone," Ms Brincat said.

She also roped in some members of her hula hoop troupe Marawa Majorettes (an all-girl world-record-holding troupe based in London) who also happened to be attending this weekend's festival.

Coincidentally the troupe had already spoken to Jarvis Cocker's people about a possible collaboration a few weeks before the festival. They got there in the end thanks to the Maltese starlet's mudswinging.

"The performance was incredible. The audience were totally engaged and Jarvis is such a great performer in his own right. There was a really good thing going. By the end of it I was smashing out tricks to Rage Against the Machine."

This was a childhood dream come true for Ms Brincat.

"It's quite romantic actually. I've always been a daydreamer. I remember being a 13-year-old girl and buying a Vogue edition which featured the model Gemma Ward at Glastonbury. It endlessly fascinated me. I still have the issue. There was one photo of her from behind facing the crowd at the Pyramid stage. It just looked so incredible. That's just over 10 years ago and I now found myself on stage. It's really a bit mad."

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