Maltese Metal Band To Embark On US Tour With Famed Masked Giants

First though, Align The Tide need your help


One of the most promising metal bands to come out of the island in a while have just announced their first US tour - with famed alternative metal band Mushroomhead, no less.

Align The Tide's fresh take on metalcore and nu-metal is both perfect for a 2018 rebirth as well as unique in the Maltese front. Maybe that's why they've been able to sign a deal with UK-based Metal Music Bookings & Management so quickly.

"We are completely stoked to be going on tour with a band we’ve been following from a young age, we’ve never felt this proud about ourselves, about what we actually do as a band/family," said Danny Dalli, the drummer of the band. 

Their label also works with Mushroomhead, and when Mushroomhead heard Align The Tide's music, they asked for them to join them on tour.

However, their first US tour isn't going to come cheap, and Align The Tide have started up a fundraising campaign to help cover the costs.

"Well to be completely honest with you, organising this tour has killed us financially," said Danny. 

"But then again, if you’re not willing to take risks in life and follow your dreams such as these then might as well stay home and do nothing but dream on the couch," he said.

"This tour is extremely important to us individually and to the band’s name, as touring the States is going to another different level. We think that this tour’s going to boost our band quite a bit as we have quite a lot of shows coming up, we’ll be hitting around 15 states with one of the biggest names in metal."

Joined by Kyle Farrugia, Alston, Cacciatolo, and Gabriel Camilleri, the four Maltese musicians hope to raise €1,000, and are about 25% of the way there. 

They are offering some pretty nifty rewards for donations, including an actual gig at your house for the measly sum of €300. If you can spare the change and want to see a good Maltese metal band reach the next level, you can donate here.

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Check out the tour dates below:

5/15 - Club Red - Phoenix AZ
5/16 - Brick by Brick - San Diego CA
5/18 - Analog Cafe & Theatre - Portland Orlando
5/19 - Studio seven - Seattle WA
5/20 - Diamondz Event Center - Jerome ID
5/22 - Hodi’s Half Note - Fort Collins CO
5/23 - The Oriental Theater - Denver CO
5/24 - The Black Sheep - Colorado Springs CO
5/25 - Royal Grove - Lincoln NE
5/26 - Spicoli’s Grill/The Reverb Rock - Waterloo IA
5/27 - The Cabooze - Minneapolis MN
5/29 - The Forge - Joliet IL
5/30 - The Annex - Madison WI
5/31 - Route 20 Outhouse - Racine WI
6/01 - The Odeon - Cleveland OH

The crowdfunding deadline is on the 12th of May.

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