WATCH: Maltese Rapper Goes Viral As He Schools People On The Real Value Of Money

Everyone is losing sight of what's important

Tens of thousands of avid listeners have been hooked to the lyrics of one Maltese rapper with a simple message. Charlton Mintoff, a tattoo artist by profession, has used his voice (and beats) to remind everyone to not let money lead their lives.

"Ġiegħluk temmen mingħajr flus la tgħannaq u lanqas tbus, iżda ftakar li fil-qabar ħa tinżel mingħajr karus."

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In just over half a day, the clip has been viewed by over 70,000 people and has been shared by 1,200 - and if our timelines are anything to go by, this number is only going to get bigger by the second.

The deep lyrics have even been endorsed by Christabelle, who shared the post to her timeline after it resonated with her, simply stating: "word".


While this is his first song to reach such a wide audience, Charlton has been rapping for a while now, releasing homemade videos of his work to Facebook whenever he gets the chance.

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