Maltese Rapper's New Single Raises Heated Discussion On Immigration In Malta

"We entered Europe and we found Nigeria"

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Digby, one of Malta's most prolific rappers, has released a single cutting straight to the heart of a key Maltese issue in 2018, and has already raised a heated discussion on the matter.

After releasing 'Id-Droga', a track about the perils of drug addiction, a few weeks back, the Maltese rapper's latest single, 'F'Isem Pajjiżi' (In The Name Of My Country) goes in on another sensitive topic: immigration.

His point of view - that Malta is too small a country to be the answer to an international migration crisis - has already drawn both praise and criticism from other musicians and artists.

The song, which is in Maltese, features a multitude of punchlines revolving around issues relating to migration and politics, such as "We entered Europe and we found Nigeria", and calls for Maltese people to stand up for their country.

"This song isn't about race - it is about a problem that needs addressing and, more importantly, needs answers through action," Digby told Lovin Malta.

"Let's put it this way - if you have a bucket full of water, do you keep on pouring water in it? You find a way to control it, and not keep filling it up just because it's profiting your agenda, be it passports and whatnot," he said.

Some prominent artists and activists were quick to call out the Maltese rapper for being misguided

While a number of popular Maltese rappers and commentators were full of support

Digby remains unapologetic for his tone or words, saying he will continue to express his thoughts in his music

What do you think of the new single?

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